An Effortless Way to Choose the Best Eyelash Vendor

For many new and existing B2B eyelash wholesalers, selecting a new brand or changing your eyelashes vendor can be overwhelming. You are always looking for the best product to amaze your clients and keep them coming for more. The process of choosing your vendor is, therefore, very critical and must be done with extreme prejudice. The quality of a product is imperative to win new customers and maintain the existing ones.

It would also be best to choose a qualified vendor. With many products in the market, your eyelash supplier must be well acquitted with knowledge concerning all the available products. They have to be reliable and help you get new developments in the market. Here are some key factors you have to consider when you want to select a new supplier.

4 Key Facts to Do When Choosing Eyelash Vendor

1. Check The Vendor’s Company Website

In this era of digital marketing and technological advancements, quality vendors must have a website where they provide in-depth information about their products and services. The website must be straightforward and spell out all their products in an easy way to help you find what you need quickly.
Since there are various types of eyelashes to choose from, you can see all your website choices and make your selection. Websites hold a lot of information concerning your supplier, such as:

• The company name
• The company products and services
• Contacts
• Online support
• Reviews from former clients
• Frequently asked questions
• Location of the company
• How to get their quotations

Checking the website will give you all information you need to trust or distrust the vendor. Legitimacy is a pertinent issue that no customer should overlook. There are a lot of reviews from former clients that the company should provide on their website. If they do not have a section for reviews, then it will raise a red alert.
Check the reviews keenly and see how they have been operating with other clients such as you. Reputation is built by offering quality work with value. If the reviews1 are mostly positive and praise the vendor, you are sure you are dealing with a legit company.

2. Check The Company’s Manufacturing Videos

Most vendors include videos that show how their manufacturing process is carried out. Checking the company video will help you see if they are professionals with their services and can be relied upon to deliver quality. To make quality eyelashes, factories must follow some guidelines that you should know. They are:

• Employing professionals
• Use of protective gear during manufacture
• Having toxic-free gloves
• Clean working environment
• Handling their products effectively with care
• Inspection by regulation bodies

You can deduce all this information by checking the video and taking note of all the manufacturing processes. The videos should also give you detailed information on how the final product looks to your clients. It should show a test example of the eyelash used to help you choose if they are best for you to use and provide quality service to your customers.

3. Check Out the Materials that an Eyelash Manufacturer Uses to Make the Eyelashes

An eyelash manufacturer employs the use of three basic materials to make mink eyelashes. These three materials differ in quality and usage of clients. It is crucial to know the materials a vendor is using for their mink eyelashes.

The three raw materials can be broken down to:

Cheap mink hair
This raw material is very cheap and is not suitable to use with any client. They produce rough mink eyelashes that destroy the natural eyelash when applied. They are mostly artificial and do not meet the standard of quality mink eyelashes.

Top-quality mink hair
Moderately expensive but can be used widely with many clients to get the desired look. This mink should be your first choice, and a company with this type of material carries the day. When the company you are checking uses this type of materials, consult them to show you how the end products will look.

Natural mink hair
These come from the Siberian mink. Although natural mink hair is relatively expensive, it is worth every dime your client spends to purchase them. They come in bright and natural colors to create excellent facial features. They are also very luxurious, and you must have them in your collection for the clients who would want to try them

4. Check The Manufacturing Process

It works in handy with checking the video of your eyelash manufacturer. With the rise of technology, lash development should be smooth and efficient to make many perfect products. Also, there are innovations to meet clients’ requirements. Your lash vendor should be using these sophisticated technological advancements to create a unique and fantastic product.

Technology has a lot of benefits like:
• The fast and efficient manufacturing process
• Setting precise limits
• Maximizing profits
• Enhancing products’ quality
• Ensuring the safety of products

It is best to have all this information and set out to select the most appropriate vendor. When the vendor uses new and updated technology to craft the eyelashes, you are sure of quality products that will not inconvenience your clients.

The best and quality vendor offers the following services:
• Competitive wholesale price
• Focus on top-grade luxury mink lashes
• Ability to design new styles of lashes
• Efficient Express
• Professional designer team

What Do You Need to Ask Your New Eyelash Vendor?

After selecting a new vendor, you have to be ready to ask your vendor questions involving their services. You need to know this to be prepared to take their services and ensure they are appropriate for your plans. These questions will help you understand your vendor better and get you ready to experience a new service. Good quality false eyelashes are the order of the day. It would be best to make them as natural as possible for your client’s perfect appearance by choosing the best vendor.

1. Ask for The Eyelashes Catalogue

The new vendor should first provide you with a catalog of the eyelashes before you make your choice. The catalog will help you choose the lash style you want in wholesale, depending on your clients’ demands. There are several styles, and you have to make the best choice that will sell effectively. You can make your selection depending on the quality of the lashes or the history of your sales.
Types of Mink lashes you will find on the catalog comprise of:

• 5mm Mink Lashes Wholesale
• 20mm Mink Lashes Wholesale
• 13-18mm Mink Lashes wholesale.

The lengths of the eyelashes must be included to help you make a perfect choice. They have different sizes that you need to consider when making your choice. The lash catalog provides you with all the information you need to come up with the best selection of eyelashes by yourself. You can also consult sites2 that explain the usage of the different types of wholesale lash lengths.

2. Confirm The Cost of the Eyelashes

Most vendors in the market provide competitive wholesale prices since there is an assortment of materials and eyelashes. When ordering, you need to indicate the exact amount you want. It would also help to give detailed information on the type of mink eyelashes you want to purchase.

After you have made your order and indicated the amount you want, the vendor should now inform you of the wholesale price of what you need. Check details keenly on your first purchase to avoid missing any critical factor. After some time of purchase, you will start making your orders without much scrutiny.

You can get more skills by getting advice from colleagues and friends who have worked with the same vendor. The vendor’s customer support desk should always be open to answer your questions and make the ordering process seamless.

The 13-18mm lashes’ current wholesale ranges from 2-6 USD for a pair. Different styles will have a different price according to the vendor specification regarding their response to your request. To get more discount on your purchase, you can add another package since most vendors reduce the price with more purchase rates.

3. Request for Lashes Custom Packaging

Most lash vendors do custom packaging, and it is best to have a new vendor who will package the products you have purchased. Several companies offer custom packaging boxes for mink lashes to their customers. The process is essential during shipping since you will get your packages intact with less hassle of packaging. It is also easier to make orders from one company to reduce shipping costs.

However, the process of packaging can be very time-consuming to vendors. Some would prefer to put your products in black and send it to you. The best box services take orders from you and will customize the packaging box. Custom boxes are made with different features like:
• Color
• Shape
• Idea
• Design
• Photo effect

4. Ask for The Price of the Custom Package Box

The price of a custom box will depend on the number you need and the quality of design you are requesting. One pair of the box is sold at 1-3.5 USD. The material used to make the packaging box is also a factor that may affect your packaging box’s pricing.

The best wholesale lash vendors offer low prices that attract most customers since they sell at a higher level.

When making your purchase, ensure you have checked on the MOQ limit. They are varied from one vendor to another. Some common MOQ are 100-200 box, 50 boxes, and 30 boxes. Getting luxury eyelashes can become tricky when a vendor offers low prices. The process of making eyelashes is not easy and requires a lot of capital. So you settle for quality even when it is expensive since it will give your clients the best experience with your eyelashes

5. Ask for The MOQ of 3D Mink Lashes.

It would help if there were no limit on the MOQ at all. It negatively affects the upcoming businesses due to high MOQ that may not be easily affordable. A reasonable price for the MOQ comes with purchasing more pairs since you get better discounts and more cost-saving services.

You can try to purchase at least 20 pairs whenever you make any purchase. The best investment must be dictated by your budget and your client’s demands. Your orders should be completed in bulk always to cut down costs. Most vendors offer you contact support with a team of experts with several years in marketing. They will provide you with free tips in ensuring you use the least cash when making a purchase.

6. Ask About the Shipment Services

Your vendor should have several ways of shipping your purchased goods. It offers you a chance to make a customized choice on fast or slow shipments. Fast shipments usually take around 2-3 business days in the USA. The slowest load may go up to 10-25 business days.

The two shipment methods vary in price, with the slowest being a significantly cheaper option to ship your products. The best shipment process is ‘express shipping.’ You will get your products immediately and start selling them as your competitors wait for theirs.

The shipping process also differs according to the material weight and volume. You will pay more for large and heavy packages. Expressways shipping offers fantastic discounts to you hence the recommendation for using them.

Getting your products fast is very critical. Most of the time, you have clients waiting for their orders, and maybe events are fast approaching. It is best practice to provide them with their needs fast and efficiently. When your clients are satisfied with your services, they will stay loyal to your business and help you improve your productivity.


Choose the best eyelash vendor for top-notch products and competitive prices. Look for an eyelash supplier with top-grade luxury mink lashes. You can get them by utilizing the four-factor guide provided above. The quality eyelashes will impress many customers since they are delivered in time and fit well with their facial features. Quality vendors also qualify to offer you expert advice in marketing your eyelashes and earning more revenue. Their support team will also be available 24/7 to take your questions and make your life comfortable

After making an informed choice and picking your new vendor, use the above questions to get more insight into handling the vendor and the prospects. It is essential to deal with a vendor with quality discounts and after-sales services such as shipments.

Quality vendors partner with top shipment companies to enable you to get your goods within a short time and use them to offer services to your clients. Choosing a new vendor should not be very hectic after having this impressive knowledge.