Anforlin Eyelash Extensions Tools

As a professional brand focusing on lash, we are also always improving the design and quality of our beauty tools, aiming to light up your beauty in an easy way!
At Anforlin, you can find different eyelash tools to simplify eyelash extensions, such as glue rings, eyelash mirrors, eyelash tweezers and more.

Why Choose Anforlin Lash Applicator?
Say goodbye to bent and misaligned tip! Free – Bent, unequal and misaligned tips are nightmares of every lash artist. Pretty memory eyelash applicator tool is made premium stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, not easy to deform. It also comes with a cap to avoid scratches and damage from external forces.
It makes applying false lashes a breeze! With the curved angle, the glue will not stick to it when you applying lashes. The long nose is good for pressing the lashes to your eyelids too. If you are struggling with putting on lashes, you can’t miss this eyelash applicator. Even a beginner are able to put on lashes in seconds!
Cute dovetail design adds another level of uniqueness to the curved lash applicator tool, sleek and professional. Perfect for beginners and professional, and also suitable as a gift for your females friends .