How to Choose the Best Eyelash Extension

Are you looking to change a brand or starting a new venture with an eyelash extension vendor? Getting a quality eyelash extension supplier can be tricky, especially when you are new to the service. It is also overwhelming to choose the type of lash extensions that will enhance your clients’ beauty. Changing or getting a new eyelash extension requires you to have in-depth knowledge on how to select your brand.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Most women who want to improve and craft a defines lash line have various ways by applying hair or lashes as extensions to their natural lashes. The result is long lashes with a quality lash line. There are several ways to add more curl or pop to make your clients’ lash line look more stylish.

The eyelash extension crafts a new symmetry of the face. The symmetry balances effectively with the facial features to create remarkable facial features for your clients. The most popular eyelash extension you can choose from are:

• Mink

• Faux Mink

• Silk

Your clients also require to understand that eyelash extension is not fake eyelashes that are bought and put on the face. They need quality service from a salon to craft them on their faces effectively. The lash extensions are placed using semi-permanent adhesive on every individual natural eyelash. It requires a lot of concentration and professionalism from a quality lash stylist.

They are effectively applied on the top lash line to provide a quality look with a seamless lash line. As a lash stylist, you can use the lash extensions to individual natural lashes or in clusters. There have been several modern innovations in creating customized eyelash extensions for all types of natural eyelashes.

Top Best Materials for Eye Lash Extension

There are three materials of eyelash extension from which to choose. It would be best to select excellent materials that are convenient for your customers. The materials can be a human-made or natural form of animal fur. Some top wild animals used are Mink, sable, and fox.


Mink is a natural eyelash from the tail of Mink. The minks used also differ, and the most popular are the Siberian Mink and Chinese Mink. The lashes are light and fluffy and do not curl. It is easy to maintain by perming the lash or curling to get the best-desired look.

Mink lashes are fabulous and cruelty-free. Over the years, their demand increased drastically, making them very expensive. They are not as popular as before since very few people can now afford them.

However, you can still make your clients acquire the fluffy look by mimicking the real mink fur. It is also recommended to simulate the fur since it dies not to harm the animals, and the process is cheaper.

Minks are the best choice for starters and provide a natural look on your client’s face. Mostly the Siberian Mink offers the most premium mink eyelash. The mink lashes look almost like the natural eyelash with more fluff and fantastic beauty.

However, you should not use the mink lashes if you have allergic reactions to animal fur. It would be best to consider artificial mimics, which will still give you the same results.

Faux Mink

These are the most popular eyelash extension materials in the market. Many lash artists prefer using it on their clients to provide a unique look on their faces.

The materials come from synthetic, usually a poly-fiber with a lot of versatility. You can also choose several types that will be convenient for your clients. The variety is in terms of:

• Lengths

• Diameters

• Curls

It is effortless to customize your service to your clients when using the Faux Mink eyelash material. They are flexible to offer a natural look. The final look depends on the length or thickness you will choose to use on your client.

The material is permanent to cut down all maintenance costs. Your client will not need constant tweaking to keep their facial looks desirable. It also makes it the most popular for both lash artists and clients.

They are also very affordable and available than the natural eyelash extensions. The extensions are featherweight and fluffy. It has more advantages, such as it can be used by all allergic people since the material is artificial.

The materials are animal-friendly, and no one should go hunting for Minks to get their precious mink coats. Make your clients comfortable with the Faux Mink eyelash.


Silk is the best material for all clients who want thick and bold black color extensions. They provide a dramatic look for the best and memorable occasions your client may want to go. It also makes your client’s face unique with new and unusual beauty from the dark color and thickness.

The materials come in various curls and length for a more custom look for every client. The curl is, however, less consistent when compared to the artificial Faux Mink extensions. The extensions are called silk, but they are not genuine silk.

They are mid-weight and may not be suitable for all clients. This is why it would be best to use them for special occasions, not for everyday wear like other extensions. But they are suitable for allergic people and their fantastic look on clients’ faces.

Different Types of Eyelash

An eyelash extension manufacturer provides a variety of lashes. It would be best to make sure you sort all your customer’s needs effectively if you had all of them. You never know who will come for your services, hence the need to acquire all these extensions. The most basic extensions range from least curled to the most curled.

By Curl

There are several hybrids of curls in eyelash extensions available in the market to meet all your client’s needs. These curls have different features used differently to provide your client with a customized look. Here is a breakdown of the top curl.

I Curl Lashes

They are almost extension lashes that are perfect for your male clients. They can enhance the thickness of the lash effectively without necessarily making them curl. Their straight nature makes them very useful for male clients since they have straight lash with no curls. It also enhances and defines the shape of your client’s eye.

B Curl Lashes

They provide a soft curl that gives your client a naturally enhanced lash appearance. It also provides excellent retention. These extensions will provide you with a straight natural lash.

They are curlier than the other extensions. Their suitability? They are also more suitable for clients with straight eyelashes pointing straight and upwards. It is also ideal for the inner corner lashes. It would be best if you did not use the extension on heavily downward angle lashes.

J Curl Lashes

They look very natural on every lash they are out on. J Curl lashes are most suitable for a client who has straight lashes that points upwards. It would be best to follow these criteria since applying it to a downward-looking natural lash will give them a severe look.

It has a lash lift effect through the perfect inner corners. The J Curl lashes provide an upward angle lashes with an open eye effect.

C Curl Lashes

The C Curl lashes are very popular among stylist lash and clients globally. It is best for natural lashes with a sight curl and will provide an open eye effect after service. It also satisfies lash lift for a slightly downward angle natural lash.

Clients with close-to-horizontal lashes will get a powerful doll eye effect with this type of extension. It is not recommended for people with downward-angled lashes. You can get an efficient experience when applying for the attachment on a client with a slight curl on their natural lash.

D Curl Lashes

They are commonly known as CC curl because they look exactly like the C Curl lashes but are just curlier. They are the most suitable choice for clients with downward-angle lashes. It provides them with a show-stopping look that brightens and widens the eye. The effect of the curls is a noticeable curled effect making it very breathtaking.

It can also be used effectively with upward curl. However, its dramatic upward curl may prick your client’s eyelids; hence not recommended for clients with upward-angle facing natural lashes or with heavy eyelids. It has to be correctly applied due to its curliness, and retention is not excellent like in the straight curls.

L Curl Lashes

The L Curl lashes have an l shape and look like C or D with a flat base. A client gets fantastic ultimate eyelid lift due to the flat base nature of the L Curl lash. The L Curl offers various features to your client’s face, such as the wide-eye effect.

It is suitable for clients with hooded eyelids, older clients, or those with deep eye sets. Most old clients have droopy eyelids, which can be covered effectively by the L Curls lash.

Any client who wants a visually rewarding extension will choose the L Curl extensions. However, it would be best no to use them on downward-angle lashes due to their long flat base.

M Curl Lashes

M Curl lash is the best extension to lift the appearance of downward-angled natural lashes. The shape is suitable and provides a small surface with a flat base with a dramatic upward curl. It gives an excellent wide-eye effect with its lash lift.

However, it would help if you did not use it for clients with hooded eyelids. It may not work well on clients with upward angle natural lashes.

Other Hybrid Lashes

There are also other hybrid curl lashes such as CC, LD, and LC curl lashes. The CC eyelash is covered above as D Curl lashes.

The LD curl lashes have straight bases like other l curl lashes. They, however, curve into a D curl instead of a straight line. Other common names for the LD curl lashes are L+.

The LC curl also has a straight base like the L curl lashes. They curve like the C curl and do not look straight.

By Thickness

It is very crucial to choose the perfect diameter eyelash extensions for your client. The type and condition of your client’s natural lash should determine the diameter of the lash you will decide to apply. It is best to check and weigh thick extensions since they can be too heavy on your client’s eye. Poor choices will lead to premature dropping and no retention of the extensions applied.

Older clients have thinner natural lashes than younger clients. You can weigh your options with the clients’ age or ethnicity since people from several races have different diameters of the natural eyelashes. For the small lash extensions, you may use 0.10-0.15mm. Others with strong natural lash would require 0.15-0.20mm.

Have all these sizes in your arsenal ready to work for clients who come for your services.

By Volume

There are several dimensions in volumes created by any eyelash extension manufacturer. It is, however, a confusing topic and has to be addressed keenly. You need to calculate the correct volume to develop the right size you need to apply to your clients.

The volume size is calculated by thickness x weight relation. There is a detailed explanation of how you can calculate the eyelash volume by the top eyelash extension supplier you can get quickly on the internet here1.

Use lash mapping stickers to help you during planning. Then note down the angles and observations you make. The planning tool can help you have a good result. It is available here on Amazon2.

Tips for Choosing the Best Eyelash Extensions

It would be best to look for an eyelash extension supplier with various products to enable you to get all you need for your clients. Top tips to get the best extensions are:

• Choose high-quality materials

There are several materials to choose from, as explained above. Your clients deserve the best quality material. You will give your clients an exceptional service that will increase your productivity.

• Select the right curl and thickness

The best curl and thickness are essential for your client’s satisfaction. Your clients have customized needs in terms of consistency and curl, and you have to provide what they want.

• Ensure you get a sample before purchase

You need to have a feel and touch of the eyelash before you purchase them. The best demo would give you the necessary insight on how you will use eyelash extensions.


To get the best eyelash extension that will wow your clients, ensure you trust your eyelash extension vendor and meet your clients’ needs. Be ready to provide quality service to everyone who comes seeking it.