How to graft eyelashes

Eyelash extensions can make the eyelashes thicker and flying. Today I will share with you how to graft lashs.
Before eyelash grafting, corresponding preparations must be carried out. The hands of the eyelash artist, the disinfection of eyelash tools, the preparation of eyelashes and glue, the application of eye patches for customers and asking customers if they are comfortable, etc.
After the preparations are done, the grafting can be carried out. Hair grafting has different thickness, length and curling options. The recommended thickness is 0.07mm, the curling degree is B, and the length is
When the hair is dipped in glue, you need to dip one-third from the bottom of the false eyelashes, and then slide the glue to one-half. When grafting, you need to use dolphin tweezers for layering, so that you can see the layers of the eyelashes more clearly , to facilitate hair grafting. However, the eyelids should not be lifted too much to avoid discomfort for customers.
The hairs are generally grafted in the middle layer of the real eyelashes. When grafting, you should also pay attention to the fact that the horizontal pieces at the bottom of the hairs should be connected end to end, one by one, so that the effect will be more neat, and the effect of eyeliner will naturally form after the grafting is completed. The length distribution of the hairs is as follows: the length of the eyelashes at the inner corner of the eye is 8mm, (two) the middle and front section is 9mm, (two) 10mm, (three) the middle is 11mm, (three) the middle and back section is 12mm, (four) One) 11mm (four) at the end of the last eye is 11 or 10mm.
This distribution is a standard eye shape. At the same time of grafting, it is also necessary to pay attention to the false eyelashes being 1-1.5mm away from the root of the real eyelashes.
After grafting, you can gently comb the eyelashes with tweezers. Sparse locations can be intensified with a single lash after combing. It should be noted that the false eyelashes should be grafted onto the real eyelashes. This will make the eyelashes appear thicker.
Doubts about hairy grafting
1. If the customer’s eyelashes are soft, thin, short and sparse, and want to achieve a thicker effect, should they be grafted?
Grafting Duo Mao is a good choice, and if the customer needs it, it can be done according to the customer’s request.
2. Do you first graft one-to-one, and then use the hairs to make up the place; or use the hairs to graft first, and then make up the place one-to-one?
It depends on the density and strength of the customer’s eyelashes. If the eyelashes are weakly combed, one-to-one grafting will strengthen the bearing capacity of the eyelashes. If the eyelashes can withstand the grafting of a single hair, then it will be determined whether the eyelashes are thick enough after grafting, and finally decide whether to fill them up.
3. Is a set of hairs grafted on a real eyelash? Or a group grafted on N real eyelashes?
It also depends on the strength of the eyelashes. The hairs that are not strong enough can be grafted to two or three.