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Anforlin is an expert eyelash extensions manufacturer and supplier, excelling at making various PBT lash extensions, customizing thickness, curl, length on your lashing demands, and providing full private-label services for both lash trays and tools. Contact us and make your requirement happen, simple as that!

Full Range of Eyelash Extensions Supplies

Anforlin’s mature lash extensions wholesale system has simplified the process lash stylists, technicians, trainers manage their lash supply. Our complete lash styles and turnkey support are helping them to optimize ordering and lashing experience.

Features that Go Straight to Your Needs

Lovable & worry-free characteristics

  • Vegan lashes with mink-like texture
  • Soft and lightweight like wearing nothing
  • No kink, clumps or sticky ends, low allergens
  • Excellent curl retention over 1 year

Easy to use, even beginner-friendly

  • Easy to pick up whether classic or volume lashers
  • Super fast and simple to fan out
  • Minimum lash falling off while brushing
Classic Lash Extensions
Classic Lash Extensions
Ellipse Flat Lash Extensions
Ellipse Flat Lash Extensions
Premade Volume Fans Lash Extensions
Premade Volume Fans Lash Extensions
Easy Fan Volume Lash Extensions
Easy Fan Volume Lash Extensions

Private Label for Your Brand

Regardless of a newly start-up lash studio or well-developed lash salon, you will need your branded packaging to show your lashing professionality and enhance your brand impact eventually.

Private Label for Lash Extensions

All Tools & Accessories

As a professional lash tech, besides for all-style lash extentions, you will also need a full set of lashing tools and accessories that are specialized and handy to realize your grafting ideas.

Lash Extensions Tools

Total Lash Extensions Success & Satisfaction

Boost your lash extensions brand with our team of dedicated experts.

With 10+ years of eyelash extensions manufacturing and wholesale marketing experience, we believe in setting up high quality standards and customer satisfaction in reasonable pricing.

Satisfaction Rate


99% of customers are pleased with Anforlin’s products and services.



Over 5k brands have chosen Anforlin as their trusted eyelash extensions vendor.

Production Lines


20 specialized production lines over 5 factories are enabling our stable productivity.

Monthly Capacity


150,000 trays of eyelash extensions remain our consistent output per month.

Eyelash Extensions 101 -
Your Basic Custom Guide

Different lash artists has diverse lashing styles and preference on lashes. An experienced lash pro will choose lashes based on the client’ bone structure and face shape, which will ask for various sizes of lashes to fulfill a satisfactory effect. Regularly a lash artist is recommended to have a minimum of 4 different sizes of lash extensions on hand. Following is our beginner guide on how to choose the right specifications for your clients.

Lash Curl Options

Curl & Eye Look

Subtle J curl B curl
Dramatic C curl CC curl
Lift Up L curl L+ curl
Straight Up M curl

Curl & Eye Angles

J/B curl
No: On downward natural lashes, eyes will look smaller.
Yes: Provide a lash-lift on straight lashes, and open-eye look on upward lashes.
C curl
Yes: Provide a lash-lift on downward lashes, an open-eye look on straight lashes.
CC/DD curl
No: On upward lashes, the extensions may prick the eyelids
Yes: Provide an open-eye look on downward lashes, doll-eye look on straight lashes.
M curl
No: On upward lashes, the extensions may prick the eyelids
Yes: Provide a lash-lift on downward lashes, and wide-eye look on straight lashes.
L/L+ curl
No: On downward angle lashes eyes will look heavy, on upward lashes eyelids will get pricked.
Yes: Provide a wide-eye look on straight angle lashes.

How lash professionals are talking about Anforlin Lash Extensions

Anforlin stands out by offering lash pros worldwide the high-quality lashes, competitive price along with superior services, and stable availability. We strive to empower your lashing business by all means.

Committed to Reliable and Sustainable Quality

Anforlin is dedicated to outputting reassuring quality throughout the whole lash extension manufacturing process. For this is the core value of Anforlin to be responsible for both our customers and the environment.

Vegan Lash Materials

Totally Vegan Materials

All of the lash extensions materials are cruelty-free synthetic PBT fiber sourced from Korea, which represent the highest level of lash material standards and remarkable quality.

Superior Workmanship

Superior Workmanship

Only skilled workers will be employed in our strict lash extension production lines. Each process from strip settling, cutting to curling, is exquisite to make even and consistent lashes.

Maximizing Safety

Maximizing Safety

Anforlin commits itself to reducing waste in  lash manufacturing by reusing leftover materials, and meanwhile to enhancing users’ safety with tested sources and ingredients.