Complete Wholesale Lash Extension Vendor

As an expert eyelash extension manufacturer, Anforlin has integrated its strong supply chain resources to provide lash artists, educators, and more professionals with all-around lash extension supplies and bundles to save costs.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Most beginner lash technicians or classic lashers will choose classic lash categories to start with. These series require a traditional lashing technique to apply individual lash extensions one-one on natural lashes to create a classy subtle eye look.

Classic Lash Extensions Effect

Premade Volume Fans Eyelash Extensions

From 2D to 8D, 10D to 20D, pre-made volume lash fans are time-saving lash extensions for the reason that they have made the lashes fanned out each bloom in advance to create Russian volume or even mega volume lashing effects quite easily.

Premade Volume Fans Eyelash Extensions Effect

Easy Fan Volume Eyelash Extensions

It only takes one second to make fans of these fast fanning lash extensions, which is definitely friendly to lash styling beginners when they want to do volume lashing. These series have made lashes easy to spread apart with any needed volumes.

Easy Fan Volume Lash Extensions Effect

Ellipse Flat Eyelash Extensions

Flat lash extensions have a developing market share throughout lash studios, lash salons, or lash franchises. Because some clients would love their features of lighter weight, better retention, and a wispy eye effect.

Ellipse Flat Eyelash Extensions Effect

Added Value to Your Lash Extension Services

Regardless of you role and business of lash extensions, Anforlin strives to provide in-depth support and true values that you really need, and make your referrals and appointments grow.

Lash extension service

For Lash Artists

Most lash stylists are new startups, having had a lash studio or not. We will definitely offer you all the convenience to start your business quick and easy.

  • Low MOQ, Easy to Start
  • Small-Quantity Customization
  • Flexible Curl, Dia., Length Mix
  • Fast Shipping and Follow up

For Lash Educators

Lash trainers are lash pros with some trainees going to be the next certified lash techs. We are ready to give you reliable lash supplies for hassle-free training.

  • Classic, Hybrid, Volume, All Styles
  • Glue, Tweezer, Eye Pad, Full Tools
  • Extra Handy Accessories
  • Reliable Quality, Stable Supplies

For Lash Salons

Lash salon is a bigger lash business requiring branding and bulk supplies. Our lashes will maximize your skill advantages, brand impact, and clients’ experience.

  • High-Quality Lashes & Accessories
  • Competitive Wholesale Pricing
  • All-around Private Label Options
  • Full Supplies, Consistent Batches

Industry-leading Eyelash Extension Manufacturing System

Vegan Lash Materials

Premium Lash Extension Materials

The materials of lash extensions we used are strictly sourced from Korea, which represent the leading-edge standards in the industry. Solid yet lightweight, soft, and natural-like.

They are silk-like texture PBT fibres that are totally vegan and curlty-free. Not to mention the top quality to make high-end lash extensions with consistent length, curl, and thickness.

Meticulous Lash Craftsmanship

Quality lash extensions require consistent curl, thickness, length each batch, and to be set in each strip with uniform distribution. Easy fanning and long curl retention are also significant.

Those are Anforlin’s basic quality standards. And our craftmen are dedicated to achieving every refined detail by handmade excellence and high focus. Perfection has become their finger memories.

Maximizing Safety