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0.03mm Classic Lash Extensions

High-quality PBT synthetic individual eyelash extensions.

It’s a classic eyelash extension model with a small diameter of 0.03mm, which is delicate and flexible for lash technicians to make wispy, classic, hybrid eyelash effects. In addition, its small thickness makes it ideal to create a really detailed lash look, and easy to use in both a full set lashing and the lash fills later.

As typical classic eyelash extensions, this model represents Anforlin’s reliable lash quality. It’s easy to pick up, easy to put on your client’s natural thin lash with its small diameter, and even easy to make fans with professional techniques. Therefore, used with specialized lash glue, tweezer, under eye pads, and more handy tools we also have, you could just make your skilled classic lashes with no hassles.

Feature Highlights

  • J, B, C, CC, D, DD, U curl
  • 7-20mm length mix or custom
  • 0.03mm diameters
  • Default 12 rows in one tray, or 6, 16, 20 rows customizable
  • Bespoke logo and lash card under a certain MOQ
  • Ideal to create a classic, hybrid, wispy look of lashes

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