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AH22 – Glamorous 17mm Mink Eyelash


Enhance your natural beauty now with Anforlin’s range of stunning eyelashes. We provide you with one of the AH hot and classic mink strip lashes series that will give you a sparkly and bossy look. The three-dimensional volume with 17mm length of medium bold mink lashes fit narrow eyes and small eyelids which perfectly give you a cat-eye effect on your eyes. Our outstanding mink lashes are suitable for everyday use and on special occasions as well.

You can glue on some fabulous 3D mink strip lashes in no time at all. Just hold the lashes using a lash tweezer and dab a thin line of glue to the lash strip with a cotton swab. Adhere the strip to your lash line and press it into place. Shaping the band of your lash strip is the key to reshape the lash, making it easier to apply.

Volume Light
Length 17mm
Material Premium Mink Hair
Band Handcrafted cotton band
Effect Sharp, Bossy, Sparkling, Cat-eye
Wear Period Multi-use

We use DHL & Fedex for regular shipping, items shipped from China. All eyelash styles can be pre-packed shipping in 24-48 Hrs.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us! 7 day’s after-sales order support. Exchange or refund is available for any issues. Important: Our eyelashes are 100% handmade, so there are reasonable inaccuracies.

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