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R15 – Considerate 20mm 3D Mink Eyelash

SKU: R15

Are you aiming for a new look that is unlike any other styles that you wore so far? Presenting Anforlin’s R15 – Considerate 20mm 3D Mink Eyelashes! This primitive and personalized set offers a nascent original look that can be used for modeling. You can easily accomplish a primeval look that brings out the hidden glitter and shine of your eyes!

When this set is used properly, it can last up to 30 wears! Don’t forget to carefully handle your tools upon applying the cotton strip eyelashes with the strip cut tweezers. Only apply the appropriate amount of eyeliner glue to assure the quality of the eyelashes and also clean the tools before use.

Volume Light
Length 20 mm
Material Premium Mink Hair
Band Handcrafted cotton band
Effect Loose, Primitive, Personalized, Glitter
Wear Period Multi-use

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