TM89 – V-shape 20mm Faux Mink Lash

SKU: TM89-30

Enhance your unique beauty with our range of beautiful faux mink strip lashes. We offer one of Anforlin’s top picks that has safe, cruelty-free quality lashes. Among the TM matte series is the 20mm with a medium set of volume lashes that are perfect to lift the eyes with longer flared lash strands toward the end. The V-shape formation of TM89 was designed to create a dense look at the root and thinner at the ends, so they won’t weigh down the eye. Developed with durable and flexible quality, these lashes can last up to 30 wears and will stay just as pigmented for each use.

Don’t toss the box! Instead, use it to store and shape your lashes. In keeping this strip lash clean and beautiful, always wash your lashes by pressin.

Volume Light
Length 20 mm
Material High-quality synthetic fibers
Band Handcrafted cotton band
Effect Slight, Tender, Romantic, Beatific
Wear Period Multi-use

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