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X12 – Dramatic 25mm 3D Mink Eyelash

SKU: X12

An intimidating daunting look is never complete without the proper make-up and Anforlin’s X12 – Dramatic 25mm 3D Mink Eyelash. These thick mink hairs add that domineering look that can suit any formal or intense clothing. This full set can be easily spotted worn by pageant and modeling judges to expose that cold, sharp, connoisseur look that can easily make the constants be at the edge. These eyelashes complete that style!

Utilizing these is relatively easy! Simply add a sufficient amount of eyeliner glue to your eyelids to guarantee stability for a full day. Next, position the cotton strip eyelashes using clean strip-lash tweezers gently on your eyelids. If the strips have excess to it, you can merely cut them to fit your eyelids easily. Proper usage of the eyelashes can ensure a long-term effect of up to 30 uses.

Volume Light
Length 25 mm
Material Premium Mink Hair
Band Handcrafted Clear band
Effect Thick, Domineering, Full, Bold
Wear Period Multi-use

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