The difference between Pre-made Volume Lash Fans and Classic Eyelash

Classic lashes refer to the traditional technique of attaching a single extension fiber to a natural lash. The result is a natural-looking enhancement to the lashes, adding length, volume, and curl. Classic lashes are perfect for those who want a subtle and natural look. Anforlin classic lashes are made of Korean PBT fiber, matt and soft, no extra glue on lashes, and very eady to make good fans.

On the other hand, premade fans are pre-made clusters of lashes that are attached to a single natural lash. These clusters contain anywhere from 2-6 individual lashes per cluster. Premade fans are perfect for those who want a more dramatic and voluminous look, as they can add more volume to the lashes than classic lashes can. Anforlin lashes can provide different dimension for premade fans, welcome to send inquiry for more product details.

The difference between the two lies in the application process and the final look achieved. Classic lashes are applied one at a time, while premade fans are applied as clusters. Additionally, premade fans create a fuller, more dramatic look than classic lashes. However, it’s worth noting that premade fans require a higher skill level to apply than classic lashes, and they may be more prone to damage if not applied correctly.